Electrion Providing Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS)

Accelerating the Adoption of Portable Clean Energy. When we look at the world around us, what do we see? The legacy of those that came before. Good or bad, every person leaves behind a legacy that impacts those who follow in their steps. If we are not leaving behind a better world for future generations, then what is our legacy? 

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This Startup Wants To Make Zero-Emissions Portable Power A Thing

Electrion is a startup founded by four Ohio State engineering students who want to create a zero-emission option for portable power. Anita Nti, CEO of Electrion, says that while portable power isn’t a new concept, the company wants to make it convenient and affordable for people looking for a zero-emission option for their portable power.

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Ohio State Student Create “Electrion” Startup Focused On Sustainability

Hot dogs, alcohol, corn hole and gas-powered generators are all staples of game-day tailgates, but a group of Ohio State students are looking to replace the emission-producing machines with a cleaner, more sustainable option. Electrion is a sustainability-focused startup aimed at replacing gas-powered generators with portable batteries. 

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Ghanaian students in US develop technology to tackle emissions

Three Ghanaian undergraduate engineering students at Ohio State University are developing a sustainable alternative to portable power generators, something that promises to help cut emissions significantly. The students while attending a Buckeye football game realized the emissions that were taking place with the use of heavy gas generators as a portable power source and felt the need to find an alternate power supply solution.

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A Sustainable Alternative To Portable Power Generators

Football season in America is almost like a religious pastime. Here in Louisiana, we have our Tigers on Saturday, Saint’s on Sunday rituals, and tailgating is very, very popular. However, it’s also a major source of emissions since many game-goers often use portable gas generators while tailgating. In Ohio, a group of students picked up on this and saw a solution to a problem.

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Energized: Student Entrepreneurs Share Portable Battery Invention

Four entrepreneurial Ohio State students developed a battery pack, delivery system and related phone app to replace emissions-heavy gas generators as a portable power source — and they’ve attracted investors to make the project a viable business. But what really gets them charged? Ask them why they want to show their invention to children in local school districts.

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